Food Image Group: Disrupting the Stock Image Industry

Food Image Group: Disrupting The Stock Image Industry - Big isn't always better

So, what’s the catch? Top quality food stock imagery from some of the world’s leading photographers? No extended license fees, yet lower access fees than other online photo libraries?

It does sound too good to be true.

So we thought it was about time that we start explaining ourselves. Who are FIG? Why are our premium images so affordable? And why do we care so much about supporting creative talent?

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

FIG is a cooperative of passionate contributors on a mission to rewrite the existing status quo of the stock image industry. We believe access to premium images doesn’t need to come at a premium rate. And we believe that contributing photographers should be rewarded for their work at a far higher rate than the current stock marketplace offers.

At our core, we’re a group of Creatives setting out to revolutionize the stock image industry in a way that benefits other Creatives. And this is how we’re doing it…

The situation as it stands: A commodity driven arena

With the growth of digital media has come a growing demand for stock images to support online content. And to compete for market position, the major stock photo library players have flooded the arena with high volumes of stock photos available at low costs.

Sounds great, but as you can imagine, in order to generate such high volumes of stock images the bar has to be lowered in terms of content quality. And in order to compete with the lowest prices, these stock library giants are driving down the royalty earnings of contributing photographers.

To put it simply, dedicated stock photographers are becoming crushed by a combination of the overwhelming growth of inferior quality images and the economical unviability of decreasing royalties. Many of the world’s leading photographers are moving away from the stock sector out of necessity, whilst more prospecting lower-skilled photographers are moving in to earn a bit of extra money from their iPhones.

So whilst buyers may be able to get hold of stock photos at low prices, the quality and choice available to them is rapidly declining. The stock image sector has transformed from a high-skill dependent marketplace to a commodity driven arena. Little space is provided for creativity, and any profits made go into the pockets of the venture capitalists driving the marketplace.

The bar has been well and truly lowered in terms of the value and quality of the photographs available to buyers of food stock imagery.

So, we decided it was about time someone started raising that bar back up to where it should be.

Raising the bar for food stock imagery

The Food Image Group (FIG) was the brain-child of renowned food photographer, Neil Langan. By building a network of like-minded photographers, Neil wanted to offer simple, low cost access to a growing collection of quality images. At the same time, he wanted to allow creative freedom for the photographers themselves by paying them fairly for their work.

So how does FIG provide low-cost quality images AND reward its contributors fairly?

Well, as a network of Creatives, we have effectively cut-out the middleman. Instead of lining the pockets of venture capitalists, profits from our images go directly to the photographers themselves. We set-out to reward our contributors at far higher levels than the current stock marketplace, not only by paying retained fees and profit share, but also by offering a stake in the business which reflects their contribution.

This gives them the financial freedom to pursue creativity and high quality images, at the same time as driving down the cost of images for the end users.

Focus on quality

All our contributors are recognized industry leaders, producing exclusive content for FIG. They’re recruited based on their expertise, creativity, and style and are driven by the opportunity to have the freedom to do what they love to do without the incumbent idiosyncrasies of commercial photography.

We’re building a truly unique and comprehensive image collection of foods from all over the world taken by the best photographers in the world.

Here are a few reasons why FIG are the best for food stock imagery:

– We are 100% focused on food stock imagery – and that’s ALL food stock imagery. Our vast collection of images is constantly growing and expanding to include images from all avenues and niches within the food sector.

– We are a cooperative of passionate contributors, striving to build the best food image library in terms of quality and value. All our contributors are food sector specialists and passionate about food. As such, we have a unique understanding of food trends and industry demands.

– Our contributors have the financial freedom to pursue creativity, allowing them to feed the FIG collection with a diverse personal view of the world of food.

So, what does all this mean for people who want to buy food stock imagery?

Because FIG is a grass-roots collective of photographers, we’re able to offer our customers a much better deal. Not only do we offer access to an exclusive collection of images from the world’s best food photographers, but we also provide this access with better terms and conditions for the end users.

Access to our image library doesn’t come with hidden costs. When we say unlimited access, we mean unlimited access. That’s full access to all of our full res images, unlimited downloads, unlimited print runs and extended rights as standard.

At FIG, we don’t think buying food imagery needs to be complicated. We believe that once you’ve purchased an image, you should be able to use it as and when you need to. And we believe that rewarding the expertise and creativity of our contributors fairly means you get access to a greater selection of better quality food stock images than is currently available elsewhere online.