Why Food Image Group?

Food image group is the brain child of Neil Langan, a respected and accomplished food photographer. Neil has photographed food professionally for over 2 decades, working with many of the world’s leading brands, food manufacturers, suppliers and creative agencies.

His close art director friend Dave has worked for many creative agencies and leading hospitality companies and is also a buyer of food stock photography for many of his clients. They both knew Mike a successful marketing director with a history of working for numerous International and award winning 5 star hospitality properties.

With years of experience buying from stock libraries, the three decided there was room for a change within the industry. They realised that quality food photography was becoming harder to find at a reasonable price, especially with the increased and confusing add-on costs for extended licences, plus the larger stock libraries were becoming over saturated with low quality images, making searching for the perfect image more difficult and time consuming.

So they had one goal:

To bring together a co-operative of leading international food photographers, and create a new, collated, royalty free food stock library without the licencing confusion and at a price affordable to everyone, from bloggers to social media agencies, freelancers to agencies, local trader to hotels and restaurants and everyone else in between! simple, ‘one cost covers all!’ – Welcome to Food Image Group.


By joining our ever growing community of satisfied customers you will enabling us to reach out to more food photographers to join us, giving you an even more diverse range of quality images. A win win for everyone! Happy searching.

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